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Conditional Forced Fields


Is it possible to force a field to be “Required” if the state of another field is set to a certain state.
For example:
I have two fields, “HowTested”, “WhereTested”.
“HowTested” can be [“Manual”,“Automated”]

If HowTested is set to Manual, I’m not fussed about where it is tested as this will involve following the steps in the test ticket.

If the HowTested is set to Automated, I want to force the test writer to input script in which the test is being exercised.

On a personal note, saying it’s automated but not stating where means it is not automated because I cannot trace it.

Therefore in the standard testrail interface am i able to set up this behavior, and if not is it something that you are looking to implement?


Any response from admins on this likely hood of this feature becoming a thing?