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Concurrent editing of Test Plans/Runs


We discovered recently that concurrent editing of Test Plans/Runs could be dangerous, so I’m looking to see if there’s a workaround or a safeguard in place.

Basically, we have a big Test Plan that contain multiple Test Runs for several Test Suites.
It’s expected for different testers to be modifying the Test Runs within this Test Plan (adding/removing tests) at any time. Changes by the second tester always win and TestRail does not notify about mid-air collisions (similar to Bugzilla for example).

So if 2 testers are modifying the same Test Plan at the same time, the changes by whomever saves the Test Plan last will win and overwrite changes by the first, without notification.

Currently, we’re getting around this by communicating clearly who’s modifying which Test Plan, but I’d much rather have TestRail:

  1. simply lock it and prevent edits by someone else OR
  2. detect mid-air collisions and notify (i can elaborate more on the logic here) OR
  3. merge, if possible, the changes (for example, one can assume that testers won’t be modifying the same run within a test plan)

Keep in mind that the “big test plan contains multiple test runs” design is a requirement on our end. I do understand that if we removed the Test Plan from the picture, and just had test runs, this problem would be minimized.

Let me know your thoughts on this.



Hello Rami,

Thanks for your feedback. I agree that it would be a good idea to prevent such issues when multiple users edit the same test plan simultaneously. We’ve already planned to add a mechanism to detect multiple simultaneously edits for test cases and warn the user about this (your second suggestion) and I’ve just added this suggestion for test plans. I’m sure we will add this eventually when we implement the test case edit detection or shortly after this.

Thanks again,