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Concurrent editing by multiple users and support for version control


How do you control concurrent edits by multiple users? Similarly, do you support version control?



Hello Kishore,

Thanks for your posting. This depends a bit on the entity. For example, if you add multiple test results to a test at the same time/concurrently, TestRail will display both results in the timeline once they were added. For other entities (such as test cases, suites, runs, etc.), the last update of multiple simultaneous edits would override previous updates. Test cases have a full edit history and you would still see the previous edits (on the History tab per test case).

Regarding version control: TestRail has multiple levels of version control. The most basic version control feature is support for closing test runs and plans. This will archive the test runs/plans & results and changes to the related test cases won’t propagate to closed test runs/plans. This is achieved internally by copying the test cases when closing a test run/plan. This feature is sufficient for projects with no or few concurrent releases as you can add or modify test cases and closed test runs/plans of previous versions will still contain the archived data.

If you need more control about versioning your test cases, you can look into TestRail’s baseline feature:

Baselines allow you to have a master branch for your test cases and additional so called baselines. Baselines are meant for testing and managing multiple releases or branches by supporting multiple test case repositories in a single project. For example, if you have a 3.x branch of your product and start working on a new 4.0 version, you could create a 3.x baseline for your test cases and use the master branch in TestRail for your 4.0.



Hello Tobias,

Baselines are independent from the test suite that they are based from.
So if we have a 3.x baseline and 4.x on Master, and work in parallel, then we have issues with updating both test suites test cases that should still be the same between versions.

Additional process must be strictly followed to maintain this, and TestRail doesn’t have any enforcement or support on this.



Hello Aris,

Thanks for your posting. Baselines are independent of each other and you can use additional custom fields to keep track of changes to your test cases. You can alternatively look into using the (new) Cases > Activity Summary report which lists new/updated changes. It’s also planned to look into adding support for sharing test cases between suites/baselines so that you only need to maintain one copy of a test case and don’t need to make the same changes multiple times (if you have multiple test case copies).