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Completed Testplans


Would it be possible to have Completed Testplans also sorted (or headed) by Milestone? I am asking people to use the Milestone field for a Testplan so that Active Testplans are sorted appropriately; but when you close a Testplan you lose the Milestone sorting.

This is resulting in people putting the name of the Milestone in the Testplan Title as well; which is redundant data. But if I tell them not to use it then it will be hard to find a certain Completed Testplans from a certain milestone.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your feedback! You can quickly find test runs or plans of a certain milestone on the milestone page. The milestone also lists active/completed runs/plans on its overview page. It’s also already planned to support filtering/custom sorting on the runs page to show the runs of a select milestone, for example.



Thanks for the response. I was more hoping there is a way to sort closed plans on the Test Runs & Results page as those all get thrown under “Closed Plans” w/o any way to differentiate the milestone (the same way it does for Open Plans). Maybe an option to show each milestone with both open/closed plans sorted under it would be useful (essentially exactly what you do when you go through the Milestones page).

Not a terribly big deal, and if you are working on better ways of filtering then I can wait.

One last question and/or request – the ability to show when a Testplan is created on the initial page (without having to go through Progress page)? Something you can throw on the Todo list when you add more support for filtering perhaps?


Thanks, Jim, we will make sure to look into this.

The creation date is also shown on the actual status page of the plan in the sidebar on the right and not only on the Progress page. You can also group (active) runs & plans on the Test Runs overview page by day or month.