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Comparison of TestRail v 4.1 and 5.2


Dear Gurock Team!

We are using TestRail v 4.1 and i’m pretty sure, that we need to buy and update to the version 5.x

Does there any comparison of versions in your documentation?
I need some arguments to my supervisor to prove him, that we need to spend money on this.



What is new in 5.0:

There are entries for the patches as well but I want to say as long as you pay the yearly fees - updates do not cost any extra.


I want to proceed with a yearly fee to avoid any one-time payments.

I’ve found those one, but has hope, that there something like comparison chart.
Well, do it myself - it’s not a big job.

Thanks, BGanger!


Hello Curess,

Thanks for your posting! The two most important releases since the 4.1 are 4.2 and 5.0:

You can also find the full release notes in this forum:

If your support plan is current, then you can simply update to the latest version without any extra fees and you can download the new versions via your customer account. If you’ve lost access to this account or want to renew your support/update plan, we are also happy to help and please contact our help desk in this case (