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Comparison for Cases report gives wrong results


I frequently use the “Comparison for Cases” Report, but today I cannot get it to show correct data.

For example, “IP104.1 RC7 Smoke Tests Test Run” contains 302 test cases (see first screen shot) but report shows only 153??

Report settings:


Hello Malte,

Thanks for your posting! Could you please check if you created the report for the same test plan? We are happy to review the report if you could send the report ZIP to our help desk at



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for quick feedback!

I sent the report by email as requested.
When generating the same report today, it seems to have correct contents again.
Quite strange…




Thanks, Malte!

We’ve reviewed the reports and sent an explanation via email. The statistics of this report respect the filters you can select on the Test Cases tab and it seems that you used different filter settings for the reports.



Hi Tobias,

The Test Case filter setting would explain it… sorry for wasting your time.
I’ll make sure to check the filter setting next time.

Thanks a lot for your quick help!



Happy to help, Malte!