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Compare case title for 2 test runs side by side and not combined


I am trying a setup where I run test cases from two sections(they have result from automated tests) from within same project, and I create different testruns for each section. Is there a report which can let me compare the test case titles side by side, like in 2 columns in the same report. I do not want to consolidated report that combines the result.

For example I have 10 test cases in each section adding up to twenty and I create two test runs with 10 cases each; I am looking for a capability to have a report that can compare the titles of the test cases side by side. So my report will have 10 rows only and two columns. The current testrun report shows the titles separately as 20 rows. Does Testrail have existing report template like that? Or Is the a way for me to create a custom report like this?

Thanks in advance