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Comments text box sometimes misses typed characters


I have noticed that occasionally when adding comments to a Test Run that is failed or needs retested, the comments text box does not keep up with my key strokes.

Every once and awhile a couple characters are missed.

I have experienced this in Google Chrome & IE8 (with compatibility mode on):

TestRail v1.0.2.9536 Beta
Google Chrome v3.0.195.27
Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18828

I do have a DELL wireless keyboard and mouse, but I have not noticed the problem with anything else.



Thanks for reporting this. This bug is actually easily explained: we regularly request additional information from the server in the background on the test page (for the test timer).

Now, whenever we request something in TestRail by this method (ajax), we usually block the UI so that users cannot resubmit a form twice, for example. However, in this case there’s no need to block the UI as the request is made in the background independently from any user interaction, so this is definitely a bug and I’ve added it to our project management tool and we will get this fixed.