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Combining two TestRail servers into one?


We have recently acquired a company that also has their own TestRail server. We would like ) to merge these two instances (source) into one (target) so that there will be easy for tracking and maintenance as all users, projects will be on single instance.

Does TestRail support the ability to ‘merge’ two TestRail instances into one, including bringing in all the Test Case attachments, notes, custom fields, etc.?


I don’t believe they do support this. The big issue is going to be the Attachments/screenshots. Those have a link and the files are stored on the specific server. Once those cases that have attachments/screenshots have been exported and re-imported - they will get new IDs and the links to those items will be broken.

You can export cases by project and include all of the fields I believe but the target server would then need to have the same custom fields before importing.

Uses would have to be set up ahead of time as well in the target instance. Licenses would need to be updated on the target to have enough active licenses.

I would see if the sales manager for either of the accounts might be able to get support to contact you and see about getting a plan together.