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Combine testcases from 2 different repo under the same project



I want to create a run by combining the testcases from 2 different suites. Both the suites are under the same project.

When using update run, does the suite id need to be the same as what was used for add_run.
I am running add_run first and creating a testrun, then in the 2nd iteration (This iteration looks for the cases from another suite) I do update run, but this does not work.

Any thoughs or suggestions would be appreciated


Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for your post! If your project uses the multiple suites project mode, then it wouldn’t be able to combined the test case selection from multiple suites (as a test run would always be linked to just a single test suite). We would typically recommend having a single test case repository and organizing your test cases via sections and sub sections instead, as this works better than separating your test cases into different test suites. This makes it easier to start new test runs, filter your test cases and navigate between your tests. Hope this helps to clarify this!