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Collect screenshots at each step?

Hello, I am new to TestRail and just started creating test cases. While editing test cases, I see that I can insert an image into the Preconditions, or the Step field or Expected Results field. Then when the case runs, users can attach a bunch of screenshots in a batch.

Is there any way to add a Required Screenshot to the steps, so the user has to upload a screenshot for specific steps, and so they are automatically mapped to the step? For example, if I have 7 steps and four require a screenshot, I would rather have each uploaded screenshot linked directly to the step at which it was taken, rather than allow for the user to upload them all at once. So at steps 2, 3, 5, and 7, the user would be prompted when completing that step to upload their screenshot, and it would get tagged with that step #.


instead of attaching a bunch of screenshots at the end, you can embed a screenshot in the actual result of every step. You can ask the user to do so in the action of a step.

You can also play around a bit with UI scripting to force ataching an image if needed.

Just some ideas…