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Collect data of created/updated testcases per time period


Hi! We want to collect data of created/updated test cases by a team of testers(for this we have a custom field in cases table) per period of time. We want to use the database as a direct source of this data. But i faced with trouble - testcases in cases table contain not only unique created by human case but and " test case copies that are generated when you close a run or test plan". So I can’t filter test cases created by human. Can you give advice how to filter them through any tables’ connections or in some other way?



If I remember correctly - the Case table has a is_copy field and you use that. Is_copy = 0 means it is the original case and not a copy made when creating a test run.

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Thanks for advice, but if test case was copied manually to create new case on base of existing will this field populated with not 0? Anyway another thanks, i will investigate this theme as possible solution.



Hi Eugene,

The is_copy field would not indicate whether a test case was copied or duplicated within a project or test suite to create additional test cases, but is instead used by TestRail for maintaining test runs.

TestRail does not currently track cases which are copied from other cases. That said, you could track this by creating a custom field that would allow you to include a link via TestRail’s shortcode (e.g. [C123]) to the original test case ID so that you have a reference to the original test case and can easily jump to it to see any additional details.

Hope this information is helpful!

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Thanks, i don’t need to track parent of test case, just that case is new. So looks like is_copy - is great for it.