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Collapsing groups


Hello, I was wondering if I was missing a way to set it so that when viewing a test suite, the “Groups” section would be automatically fully collapsed. Or, if not that, at least an option to ‘Collapse All’ as part of the group menu?

If these features are not present, I’d like to request them.

Thank you!


Yes, i would like to have the option to collapse each section separately.



Thanks for your postings. That’s currently not supported but already on our list of things to look into. We currently work on a redesign of the test suite/run pages and improving the expand/collapse behavior is also part of this effort so we will definitely look into this.



Collapsing would be helpful. What I found TestLink does to also be desirable.

In TestLink, when a subfolder is selected in the Case Directory Tree, only that subfolder and below are shown in the main test assignment page.

Is there any update on the status of this feature request or it’s implementation?


Hello Keith,

Thanks for your feedback on this. You can already change the view mode in TestRail via the small, yellow icons in the toolbar (when viewing a test suite or test run, for example). TestRail currently supports two different view modes (1. all tests/cases or 2. the tests/cases of the selected group only). It’s also planned to add a third view mode which shows the selected group and all possible subgroups (I’ve just added another vote to this request, thanks!).



Specifically, when you click on a folder in the directory tree frame, it shows the folder and its children.


Yes, that’s exactly how it’s currently planned. There will be three view modes (full, compact and the new “subtree” mode).