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Cofiguration of common logging via external file


One suggestion for java version of smartinspect, toimplements in the feature some interface (Log,LogFactory) to allow via configuration file of apache common logging to change from one logging product to other ?



Hello Aurelian,

This is, to some extent, already included in SmartInspect. We ship several adapter classes to allow the usage of SmartInspect in combination with the JDK logging framework (java.util.logging). We also think about adding support for commons logging and SLF4J. The problem with these adapter classes is that the Log interfaces only support a very small subset of the available SmartInspect features and in order to use the whole SmartInspect feature set you would have to access the SmartInspect classes anyway.


Yes, you right, only for logDebug,…logError. isDebug,… methods, but there will be a posibility to use you powerful log console. Maybe in the feature.