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CodeSite vs SmartInspect - 2014


I’ve seen posts and articles comparing the products, all dated several years. Some of the advantages, at least as of several years ago of SmartInspect is no dispatcher, no windows messages, faster, more affordable.

I’ve been a user of CodeSite since 1.0. On Delphi. I’ve not really been a hardcore user so to speak. Most of my applications are not that complicated, not need that fast of I/O, and, well, I basically have a long time relationship with the company and other products of theirs, so, I never really needed to consider a different product.

And, well, I’m not sure I do yet… LOL. But, I now have a very different job. Doing work in C++. And we have a product that is maintained, in different parts, by dozens of developers. We’ve always used a home brew system that is hardly more than printf statements.

So, if I’m going to propose that we switch to using a commercial product, well, I’ll need strong buy in from management and other developers. And, I’m not sure I will get it. But, since you are cheaper still today, that much I know, well, that will be one thing management will like, LOL.

I know you say I can download and try it myself. But, I’m just curious about a high-level comparison today. I understand that Raize improved the design of the message passing, so, perhaps they now have similar performance as you. I don’t know. And, it might take some time to develop some test cases just to see how the performance of your product and their product compare. So, I just thought I’d see what is the current status, in general terms, of SI vs CS.



I was going to ask the same question, however, about ReflectInsight’s viewer. Since I’m doing a lot of .net development these days, my new company uses ReflectInsight. I like them to move towards SI but that might be a hard sell without a good comparison.


Hello Paul, Tammy,

Thanks for your posting. We don’t have a current comparison for CodeSite or other tools unfortunately. I would recommend using the trial to evaluate SmartInspect and check if it meets your requirements/expectations. You can also review the tour for a high-level overview:

We are also happy to help in case you have any questions.