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Code Span in a table - appears must appear solitarily

I have tried using the “code span” character (back tick mark of `, which on my keyboard appears to the left of the “1” key) within a table, but the formatting does not appear as I expect when I mix it with other text. Wondering about other’s experience:

For example (asterisks represent where I put the back tick mark, for tick marks are interpreted by the forum’s software):

|| Row 1 .. | *test* | *code space first* ajax | borax: *code space second*

Column #2’s test = appears as expected; that is, is mono-spaced font.
Column #3’s code space first = does not appear as a mono-spaced font as I expected, but appears in normal style, and also displays the 2 back tick marks.
Column #4’s code space second = same behavior as for “code space first”