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Cloud version very slow right now


Is there some maintenance going on? Not sure why its so slow, usually its really fast.


Hi Joe,

Thanks for your posting! Do you still see this behavior? Our monitoring didn’t notice anything unusual and we haven’t received any support requests from other customers so it might have been a temporary issue (maybe with your connection to our network).



Hi @tgurock !
I get the same thing on cloud version - I can’t even get a login page…
All other sites are OK… If it helps - its only TestRail and Asana that I cannot reach - Can it be your servers are hosted on the same ISP ?


We’re also suffering from slowness - Thought the same thing!


Seems to be working now - Can you give us any idea what may have caused it? Lucky I wasn’t in a presentation! :joy:



We are using multiple data centers with Amazon AWS in the US east region and there was likely a temporary routing issue between your networks and AWS. As you mentioned that another app (Asana) was also affected, and many use AWS, this is very likely. Also, we have only received a handful such reports, so this must be/was limited to likely only a single ISP.


Yes its working as before fast and snappy. Yea must have been on the AWS side. Anyway everything is as good as before. One of the reason why we like test rail is because of the speed :slight_smile:

  • Joe


Thanks for the update, Joe, that’s great to hear :slight_smile: