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Cloud TestRail with local Jira installation


In order to use the new JIRA integration, must our JIRA server be publicly accessible?


Hi Jami,

Yes, you can use the new integration with any JIRA Server/Cloud and TestRail Server/Cloud combination, so this will work well without any direct connection between both tools. Just one thing to keep in mind: if your JIRA instance is using HTTPS, your TestRail instance should also use HTTPS as your web browser would refuse to embed the pages otherwise.


If your embedding, e.g. iframes, why does the cloud app need to store JIRA credentials


Hello Jami,

Thanks for your reply. The JIRA credentials are required for the integration from TestRail to JIRA to look up JIRA issues in TestRail, or to add new JIRA issues from TestRail. This looks as follows:

The new integration in JIRA on the other hand (to view TestRail cases and reports inside JIRA) uses iframes and does not require any credentials.

I hope this helps!



Will you ever allow integration from TestRail to Jira that is not publicly accessible?


Hello Jami,

Thanks for your posting! Most of TestRail’s integration options already work great without a TestRail -> JIRA connection. I.e. you can already link test results to JIRA issues, reference JIRA stories, run reports and also, most importantly, use our new add-on integration that doesn’t require any such connection:

Only for the lookup and push integration TestRail would need to be able to connect to JIRA. If you run JIRA behind a firewall, you could also install TestRail on your network or we can provide IPs we would connect from to approve them.


We have all integration setup that is available now except the lookup and push and I am trying to figure out a way. Our IT staff currently has our Jira system on a private segment of our network and without moving it to a public segment we couldn’t even open our firewall for your IPs. Yes we could install TestRail here, but we choose hosting by you because we like the support we receive from that. Hence my question do you ever think there will be a change to allow the lookup and push without having to have direct access to Jira?


Hi Jami,

Thanks for the feedback. The good (and for you hopefully useful!) thing is that you can also benefit from our new add-on integration in this scenario, as I believe this is one of the most important integration options we have. For the push/look up integration we need to have a way to get to JIRA’s API, as there wouldn’t be another technical option to implement this. But maybe we can look into support a tunnel feature for this at some point, so JIRA wouldn’t have to be publicly available for this.


Can you send me the IPs to provide my SA team so I can have them update our firewall rules?



Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply! Sure, we’re happy to provide the IP addresses, and if you could just e-mail this request to we can provide this to you directly via email.

We’ll keep a look out for your email!