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Closing test runs in a test plan



Is there any plan to add a feature to close the test runs in a test plan separately using API? We have some test runs that we would be interested in to know when they are completed and close them while keeping test plan open.

Thank you,


Hi @higroma,

Thanks for your posting! It’s currently not on our short term list to add this (neither via the API or UI) and the test runs are closed when you close the entire plan. If you use a test plan for longer periods and add new test runs over time (and stop working on old ones), you can also mark finished runs by updating their name, e.g. by appending “CLOSED” or similar to their names. Once you are finished with the entire plan and close it, TR will also close all test runs.



Hi Tobias,

Thank you for your response.

Regarding to your suggestion, in case the test suite is updated in the meantime, will it be updated on those test runs (marked with “Closed”) as well?

Thank you!


Hi @higroma,

Thanks for your reply. Changes to the test cases/suites are reflected in test runs & plans as long as they are active/open. Once you close them, the runs/plans are archived and test case changes will not affect those test runs. Adding “Closed” or similar to the name of a run/plan will not close them but this would only serve as an indication to your team that the run is considered complete/finished.

I hope this helps!