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Closing Milestone does not archive milestone


Is there a reason closing milestone behavior differs from closing testplan? As my milestone/release is completed, I would like to archieve this milestone’s test run. Closing milestone does not seem to do much. I have to go to each of the test run in the milestone and close it in order to archive all the results for the milestone.

Seems like a lot of work. Am I using this feature correctly?




Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. It is already planned to look into this. The reason why the test runs are not automatically closed currently when you close a milestone is that you can re-open a milestone and this is not supported for test runs/plans. I agree that the behavior can be improved and this is already on our list of things to look into. This will probably be implemented as an optional feature (e.g. with a dialog/checkbox that appears when you close a milestone).

Please let me know in case you have any further questions.



I want bring this up again as it is becoming a bigger issue than originally thought.

I have 3 milestones

  • milestone 1 - 3

I have 3 testplans

  • testplans 1 - 3

When I click on ‘TestRuns & Results’ tab, I can see my testplans 1 - 3. People seem to be forgetting that all plans must be closed when closing a milestone and rerunning these plans on milestone2, and 3.

This ends up creating a ridiculous amount of clutter which looks like duplicate test plans.

Two request for the TestRail team.

  1. Please give an option to ‘close associated testplans’ in the close milestone screen.
  2. Please add some column on the page so that we can see what milestone the testplan is mapped to.


Thank for your additional feedback, Ali. One option to workaround this would be to add the name of the milestone/release to the name of the test plan in the meantime but I understand that this may easily be forgotten. It is definitely planned to look into this and also the other things you’ve mentioned after TestRail 3.0. I hope that’s okay.



This is certainly a feature that I miss. I currently have to close each plan individually (or before) I close a milestone. The ability to do so in one action would be advantageous. You say that a milestone can be reopened but a test plan cannot (I don’t understand why - at least by the system admin) so maybe there could be another state for the test plan, e.g. frozen which is (optionally) applied when the milestone is closed.


Hello Brian,

Thanks for your feedback on this. We will make sure to look into this again for a future version. Starting with TestRail 3.1, you can now group the active test runs/plans per milestone on the Test Runs & Results overview. This helps you to quickly see which test runs/plans are still open and need to be closed. That said, I agree that the workflow of closing the milestone and then closing the test runs/plans separately may not be ideal and we will look into this again.




In my company we are using version 5.2. Did this feature ever got implemented?



Hi @timaizumi,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail 5.3 introduced a new feature so that runs/plans for completed milestones are now shown in a separate section on the Test Runs & Results (Completion Pending). You can also group your runs/plans by milestone on this page and both features make it very easy to go close runs/plans for milestones you just completed.

I hope this helps!