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Closing and rerunning test runs of a test plan

Hello there,
I am working in a test rail project that should cover multiple features/parts of a bigger application.
Different test personnel is responsible for different features/parts of the application. In order to have a sorted overview about or test activities it was intended to sort each feature into test plans.
My understanding of the closing- and rerun-options in TestRail was that it can be applied to test runs:

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the post! Currently, test runs within a test plan cannot be re-run individually, as the rerun feature for plans will recreate the entire plan.

With that in mind, you can still recreate the entire plan, and then delete the test runs which you do not need.

Alternatively, if you do not use milestones and sub-milestones, you may find these useful, as you can tie test runs and test plans to the same milestone and use the rerun feature for individual runs.

We do also have a feature request for being able to use the re-run feature inside test plans and I will add your vote to this request.

I hope this helps,

Dear Jon,
thank you for your profound reply.
Have a nice day