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Closing a test run


Is the ability to close a test run limited to Administrators only?


Hello Patrick,

Thanks for your posting. Users don’t have to be an administrator in order to close a test run. By default, all users with the Lead role can close test runs. And as the lead role is also the default role, all users can actually close test runs by default.

You can check the user roles under Administration > Users & Roles to see the roles assigned to users. You can also click on the Lead role at the bottom of that page to check the permissions for this role.

I hope this answers your question.



I must be neither an Administrator nor a Lead because I don’t see the “Lock” icon anywhere or any other way to close a test run.

Thank you.


Yes, if the Lock icon isn’t displayed, you likely don’t have the permissions to close test runs. You might want to verify this with your TestRail administrator and check your user role and the permissions that are defined for this role.