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Closing a project



Evaluating TestRail has been a wonderful experience for me.

I was looking out if there is a possible way to close a project?

Thanks in Advance


Hello Vinayak,

Thanks for your message and great to hear that you’ve enjoyed using TestRail so far. While there’s no direct way to close a project as you can do with runs/plans, you can make a project read-only or even hide it from users via roles & permissions.

To do this, select Administration > Projects and edit the project in question. On the Access tab, change the Default Access to No Access if you want to hide the project from users. Or set it to Guest to make it read-only. The access permissions are also enforced for Administrators, so this works well to hide/close a project.

You could also add an announcement to the project to explain that/why it’s closed, e.g. in bold:

I hope this helps!