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Closing a baseline?



we are using the baseline support for our TestRail instance and I was wondering whether it is possible to close a baseline, to avoid new test cases are added.

We need to maintain several versions of the product, but when a version falls out of maintenance I would like to close the line (similar as a closing a test run), to make it impossible that people add new test cases by accident.

I can do this of course by adding “out of maintenance” or something to the title, but this is more a poor man’s approach and would clutter the overview after some releases.

Any possibility to close a line ?



Hi Andreas,

Yes, you can already close baselines on the edit form:

In contract to test runs, this is a reversible action for test suites and comparable to closing a milestone and you can undo this option again.



ah - I looked only on the master line and there of course the option is not available.

argh - stupid me :wink:

Thanks for the answer


Hi Andreas,

No problem, happy to help :slight_smile: