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Close runs/plans as a background task?


I’ve noticed when I close particularly large runs/plans, it can take a long time for the server to respond. Unfortunately, our proxy returns a 502 error if there is no server response in <30 seconds.

Ultimately the closing always continues and finishes up fine. But it is not a great experience to have an unresponsive UI for such a long time.

Would it be possible to instead close the run/plan in the background and give a server response immediately? You already do this for other long-running processes such as Reports.



Hello Logan,

Thanks for your posting. Closing even very large test plans should only take a few seconds usually. How many test runs and tests do you have in a typical test plan?



Our test Plan contains 5 test runs with a total of 761 tests. Though we tend to have close to 10,000 test results reported.

I also see this behavior when creating a new Baseline for a 1400 case suite.

I expected our database setup to be slightly slower (remote, replicated hosts with synchronous writes to all), but I wouldn’t expect that to make our setup the orders of magnitude slower you are suggesting.

Still, it would be nice to do these expensive operations without blocking the UI.


Hello Logan,

Thanks for your reply. Feel free to generate and send a log file to our help desk ( so that we can review the performance of your database backend:

Please enable the logging, reproduce this behavior and then send us the (compressed) log files via email. We are happy to review this then.

Closing a test plan with just a few hundred (or thousands) of tests shouldn’t take longer than a few seconds (and would usually finish in under a second). The number of results have no impact on this. You can also usually expect about the same performance for creating a new baseline with similar numbers.

We will make sure to review your request about executing such operations in the background but we would recommend looking into the database performance as the first step.



Did this get solved? I’m seeing similar behavior. It usually takes 45sec to a minute to close a run.


Hi Nate,

Thanks for your reply! As mentioned by Tobias originally, this should only take a few seconds even for larger test runs / plans, so this is likely just an environment issue. We’re happy to help troubleshoot this though to determine the cause, and you can feel free to e-mail us at with some additional details and we’re happy to help resolve this.

Looking forward to your email!