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close_run API method is unknown?



I’m trying to close test runs with the close_run API call. But I keep getting this:

{u’result’: False, u’error’: u"Unknown method ‘close_run’"}

TR version is v2.7.0.1978 and as I understand this method was added in 2.6…

Any advise?



Did you download and install the new API package?


Hello Rosco,

Thanks for your posting. As Glenn already mentioned, please make sure to update the API to the current version. The API is independent of the actual TestRail version/release and need to be updated separately. You can simply copy the new API files over your existing installation (and you may need to reconfigure your API key and user).



Ah, got it. I wasn’t aware API and TR versions could be different. I asked they guys maintaining TR here and they checked and they don’t have the last version installed.

Thanks for the help.