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Cloning Test Suits


Ok, so now i’ve set up a test suit “Test Samples in Delphi 7” with some 35 items. i need the same test suite for 4 more Delphi versions - what’s really needed here is an option for me to clone the entire test suite (maybe with a regex for search/replace), rather than having to enter the same 35x4 tests again. is this planned?


Hi marc,

how do the individual test cases differ for the different platforms (Delphi versions) you test against? If they are basically the same, it is recommended to create just one generic test suite and start multiple test runs when you need to execute the tests.

For example, you have your “Test Samples” test suite and would then create a test run for each Delphi version you want to test against:

]Test Samples (Delphi 6) [/]
]Test Samples (Delphi 7) [/]
]… [/*]

This way, you won’t have to synchronize all test suites in case you want to add a new test case and can easily test new Delphi versions without creating new suites.

By the way, we already have a task on our feature list which automates this behavior. The feature would be called configuration/context/environment (not sure yet) and would allow you to “multiply” a test suite with user-specific configurations to create multiple test runs for a test suite (each targeting a specific environment/context).

If just some test cases are different for each platform, you could also think about splitting the platform-dependent and independent cases in multiple suites. Let me know if this helps.




i guess that is one option, except that way someone has to “remember” to open x different test runs for that suite. what i’d really like is that when a new build is done i can just open /all/ suites and be done with it (on that note, an option for this is needed. opening/assigning each suite separately is painful already, will be more so once there are some 20+.)

i’ll make due for now (we have new releases this week, that we’re using TR for, test wise), and shall be looking forward to the multiply option.



Hi marc,

I agree that we need a good way to start multiple runs at once and possible also restart all those runs at once, too, so that it’s easy to start runs for a new build/milestone/version. We are looking at different ways to accomplish this.