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Cloning/re-running a test plan with dynamic filters that re-calculate themselves?


I’m trying to use dynamic filters to manage a growing set of testcases that’s run every regression cycle and I’m not sure if what I’m trying to do isn’t supported or I’m missing something.

Essentially, I have a bunch of testcases split across multiple test suites inside of a project. I use custom fields to denote a couple of things which I then use dynamic filters to build test runs out of.

The three main fields I’m using are:
Platform - can be set to Android, iOS or Desktop, or any combination of these
Automated/Manual - Can be set to Automated, Manual, or both (some tests are run in both runs for long-running reasons I won’t get into here)
Type of Test - Can be set to Smoke, Regression or System, or any combination of these

I’ve created a Test Plan that contains a variety of Test Runs, each Run being populated with dynamic filters.

For example, I have a Run titled iOS Manual that is a dynamic filter: all tests marked iOS, Manual, and Regression

There are a bunch of runs configured like this across the different combinations of options available.

When creating testcases for new features, I am labeling each of these fields correctly and tagging Regression for all cases that should be part of the regression test plan, and occasionally removing the Regression tag from some cases that are being deprecated.

I would like to be able to re-run, or clone, the test plan but have it re-calculate all of the dynamic filters for all the runs inside of it. Currently, re-running a test plan only gives you the option to include test cases that were in the plan once it was created; if testcases have been modified to be included/excluded from dynamic filters, the dynamic filters aren’t re-calculated.

Is there a way to use dynamic filters to maintain a changing “set” of tests without having to manually create the test plan each time?

Hi @jyoung

Thanks for getting in touch. Cloning the dynamic filters when re-running a test plan isn’t behaviour that’s supported at present, I’m afraid.

I agree that this would be a valuable addition though, so we’ll try to make sure that feature finds it’s way into a future release!