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Clone TestRun/Testplan


Is it possible to clone a testrun and testplan. Here is my setup and I would imagine that it is very typical for testrail users

  • Project XYZ
  • Milestones
    • Release 1
    • Release 2
    • Release n

As a testing manager, I try to plan out each milestone by creating various testplan and testrun in anticipation of the upcoming milestone. Now, even though I am on release2, I might still need to re-run the same testplan/testrun from release1.

It seems that currently, I’ll have to re-create the same testplan/testrun for release2, select all the appropriate testsuites, testcases, etc. This seems like a lot of work. It would be great if I could somehow clone existing testplans/testrun and assign them to a new milestone.

Let me know if my use case is unusual of I am using testrails incorrectly.




Test Plans have a “Rerun” button up the top that does exactly what you are after :slight_smile:

Test Runs that are not inside test plans also have this ability.


just tried this. works great.


So I am running into one versioning issue with the current testrail design.

Here is my setup

Project: ABC

  • Release 1…N
  • Sustaining Release 1…N

We have two separate teams, core and sustaining. Once a product goes live to customers, core moves on to new version of the product and sustaining takes over for addressing bugs to the live product.

Based on current testRail design, core will ‘close’ their testplan for their last release milestone. This way all the testcase descriptions are locked.

Sustaining will start a new milestone using core’s existing closed testplan. If sustaining changes anything to a particular testcase, core’s closed testplan is not affected - This is good

However, if sustaining changes a particular test case, it will now also affect core’s new milestone testrun. This doesn’t seem like a desirable behavior.

Let me know if anyone has this issue and what would be the best way to address this. For now it seems like creating a new testcase is the only option.



Thanks for the posting. Also thanks to gmcdonald for providing the useful hint and explanation! Regarding the versioning question: besides closing previous test runs/plans, you would need to copy the test suites/cases to maintain different branches of your test cases.

This could work similar to how some version control systems like Subversion work. I.e. you could maintain a “trunk” test suite (or multiple suites) for your core product team and copy the suites to version-numbered suites (e.g. “Trunk: UI” becomes “v2.2: UI”) for the sustaining team. You could actually delete any old suites once you finished maintaining an older version (make sure to close runs/plans for those suites to archive them before though).

TestRail doesn’t currently have specific support for this workflow built-in, but when/if we add specific support for such a workflow it’s likely that we will follow this approach. This works much better than versioning on a case level, as versioning the section/hierarchy would be equally important.

Does this make sense for your planned workflow?