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Clone test cases


Searching the forums turned up some past requests for cloning entire test suites, but I’m curious if there’s a way to just clone/copy a single test case?

We use a lot of test cases with similar descriptions and/or steps and/or expected results, etc.
It would be useful to be able to duplicate a test case with a single click or two, to then go in and tweak what’s needed.

(Perhaps there’s already a way to do this, that I haven’t figured out yet?)


Copy or move test cases within the same suite via drag&drop:

  • Move test cases via drag&drop (little indicator will say “moving”)
  • Hold the shift key to copy test cases instead (little indicator will say “copying”)
  • Copy or move sections in the sidebar

If you want to copy from suite to another use the small grey button at the (the one that looks like the two “spread sheets” in the blue title bar.



Thanks for your posting.

Yes, as spacefrog already mentioned, you can copy (or move) test cases within the same test suite via drag&drop. To do this you can simply drag the little ‘grip’ icon left of the checkboxes. You can also copy/move multiple test cases this way by checking multiple boxes first. To copy the test cases instead of moving them, you simply need to press the Shift key before and during dragging the cases. You can also move or copy sections in the sidebar this way.

You can also copy and move test cases between test suites/projects via the Copy/Move dialog on the test suite pages (it’s the little icon with two sheets of paper in the toolbar).

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!



drag and drop does not works within the same test suite…Our team tried to use this feature due to too many similar test cases but not working. It works between projects or suits but not within suits. Any other suggestion?


Hello @hkim,

Thanks for your feedback. The Copy/Move Test Cases dialog is for copying/moving test cases across projects and suites and you would use drag & drop to copy/move test cases in the same suite/case repository instead:



In Chrome I don’t see the grips. I’ve tried different ways to copy/paste. None work.


The testcases were sorted by title. When I took this sort off, I saw the grips.



Thanks for the update! When sorted it wouldn’t be possible to copy/move these via the drag & drop feature as this view doesn’t represent the actual test case structure. So removing the sort allows this to work properly. Glad you were able to get this working!