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Client Side runtime library question


I’m evaluating the product and one of my requirements is to log from xamarin mobile devices. I know that the src for the client side library is available to licences user, but im not yet a licences user.

Im wondering if it would be possible for me to rebuild this library into a PCL file that could be used on my xamarin based mobile app. All that would be necessary for the runtime library to be in a visual studio managed library.

Thanks in advance.




Hi Mitch,

Thanks for your posting! Currently we do not support the Xamarin platform, so we don’t have any specific adjustments for this and also don’t have experience porting SmartInspect to this. SmartInspect does have some dependencies on the Windows API because certain features such as high performance timers are not available as native .NET APIs. So I would say it would be pretty time consuming to port this yourself.

I hope this helps!