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Class not found in custom defect plugin


Hello ,
I use custom defect plugin for Redmine. I copied Redmine.php file and write code for mine. It works well.
But I need extend class Redmine_api. And if I write
class Redmine_api_custom extends Redmine_api
I see error - PHP error: Class ‘Redmine_api’ not found in XXX/custom/defects/Redmine_Custom.php at 794
How correct extend this Class ?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Maria,

You would need to copy the Redmine_api class and then add custom methods or functionality (instead of deriving from this class). You can find the documentation for customizing defect plugins here:



Hello, Tobias
Thank you for your reply !
I read the documentation and for new defect plugin copied file Redmine.php.
Then I added custom methods. But this file has two class: my custom - Redmine_Custom_defect_plugin which extends Defect_plugin and second - class Redmine_api.
Not clear for me how to extend second Class. Please tell me how to write custom methods in the second Class.

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Maria,

Thanks for your reply. Please just see the documentation above. You would copy the Redmine.php to Redmine_custom.php and then just change the name of the defect plugin class. You can modify the Redmine_api class directly in this file and don’t need to create a new API class based on this.



Hello, Tobias
Thank you! I will try to do it.