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Checkbox Problem in Firefox



Something very strange has happened. One of my testers has noticed that no checkboxes are currently being displayed in his version of Firefox. They show correctly in IE and Chrome.

Instead he just sees dots.

He’s cleared his history and restarted his PC.

What’s even stranger is that the checkboxes are shown in our sandbox version of TestRail, in Firefox!

We haven’t yet upgrade our live environment to version 3.

Also, as you can see from the pie chart in the second screenshot, something seems a bit weird because it’s not a circle. Weird.

Have you ever seen anything like this before? Any tips?



Hello Bryan,

Yes, this is a known issue and was reported with Firefox before. TestRail 3.0 fixed this behavior and I assume that your sandbox/staging environment already uses the 3.0, is this correct?

We haven’t seen the issue with the charts before but TestRail 3.0 uses a completely different technology for the charts so this should also be displayed correctly after the update.