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Check box group



I wanted to create a rcheckbox group for custom fields in Testrail. Is there a way i can do it ?
For example : I need a custom field with three checkboxes


Hi Kmehta,

Thanks for your posting. A group of checkboxes is currently not supported but you can simply add three checkboxes in this case.



Thank you for your reply ! Really appreciate it


However, i have one more concern related to custom fields.

Can we have dynamic custom fields? For example:
I have a custom field called State, so whenever anyone marks the State field as “XYZ”, there appears three checkboxes which they have to select in order to save the testcase

Does any UI Script work for this ?

Let me know if you need more information.



Hi Khushbu,

Dynamic fields are currently not possible and we would recommend using a standard dropdown, maybe with a short description with the intention/purpose and further actions.