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Chart percentages



We are just evaluating your product. We have set up and completed various test cases, suites etc and are now looking at the Status section of the Milestones element. The pie chart that we are looking at worryingly only adds up to 99% - we seem to have lost 1% somewhere?

The chart satates the figures as:

24% passed
3% marked as blocked
3% marked as retest
3% were unsuccessful
66% still untested

Obviously we couldn’t possibly consider sending this as a report to a manager. Is this a known issue?

many thanks


Hello Debra,

Thanks for your feedback. TestRail rounds the individual percentages to the nearest whole number so it can happen that the percentages don’t add up to 100% here. Please note that if you had actually passed all tests, for example, it would definitely show 100%. TestRail also shows the raw test numbers so if you need additional precision for this (e.g. with an additional number of decimal places) you could calculate this easily. It’s not usually needed to have additional precision for the percentages though as the percentages should just provide a general status report (it doesn’t usually make a difference if the report stated that 13% of test failed failed or say, 13.2%, for example).

I hope this clarifies the calculation.