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Changing the status of a test run


My team is evaluating a new test tool for us to use. So far TestRail is leading the pack in our trial runs; however I just encountered exactly the same limitation described in this thread. Even creating a new status of “In Progress” with the option “This status is a final status” unticked, the test resul with “In Progress” still can’t be edited.

Our problem with this is that we’ll have junior testers and we’ll be adopting this as a new test tool; therefore we are expecting experimentation and non-final test results that need to be edited. Having multiple test results in a test case in a test run is not what we want.

This may impact our final decision unless you have a suggestion how to circumvent this limitation?



If we do this, then there wont be any continuity in the test case.

The main problem is the screen shot what we include in the run, wont be available in the new test run.

do you have any option to at-least copy the screen shots in the run.