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Changing the status of a test run



I’ve added a series of test cases to a test plan and then added the result for the first case, which was a Pass. I changed the status to a new one (In Progress) which I had created and then went through each step to ensure that they passed. Once I got to my last step, I ticked to add the result. However, I forgot to change the status from In Progress to Passed. When I go back in and edit the run, it won’t let me change the status. I can change anything else but not the status.

Is there any way of being able to change the overall status of a run?

Many thanks



Hello Mark,

Thanks for your posting! You would simply add a new test result with Passed in this case and “override” the previous In Progress status and this would also change the status of the test run.



Hello Tobias,

Thanks for the response. How would you recommend updating the status if you have say 20 steps, but then have to stop after 10 steps because you need to come back to it later? If you select Add Result, you can then amend the actual result for the other 10 steps but you can’t change the status.

Many thanks



Hello Mark,

Thanks for your reply! I would also recommend adding a new test result in this case and simply continuing with step 11 in this case. You can also add a note to the Comment field that you continued at step 11, for example.



But once you run a report on this it shows multiple runs which i would like to avoid. isn’t there any option to restart the original test case. I would like to keep track of individual runs of a test when we have to retest not restart.


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your reply! It would still be recommended to just add a new result in this case to override the original. Many teams also require this from an auditing perspective to be able to show the separate results/history of the test and when they were added/what changes were made (for example, to follow why a test failed, needed a retest, etc). Restarting a test and removing previous results would subvert this auditing requirement.



i think you are missing the point. We want to restart an existing test case. Not everything is completed in one day so we just want to jump back in where we left off, not start a new instance. This isn’t about auditing it’s about usability and creating unnecessary results.


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your reply! We already have a feature request to add a pause feature during test execution, and I’m happy to add another vote on your behalf to this as well. In the meantime, you can look into managing this with a separate result status (e.g. ‘In Progress’, or something similar), and then just continue where you left off the next day and add the final result to override the ‘In Progress’ status. Hope this helps!



Is there any update on this feature?


Hi Girish,

Thank you for the follow up. Currently you would still need to submit a new result in order to change the overall status of a test. Currently we do not have plans to change this but we do have this on our list of requested features.


I get your point, but this is not up to Gurock to decide if my test can be edited or not. The admin should have the power to decide the behavior his team’s tests, even that this feature is default.

The point here is not the lack of a feature, but an imposed feature that is given headache for your own customers. The normal behavior is: User can edit, not the opposite.

Maybe the capacity to add another result on top of the one I’m not able to edit works for most people, but it doesn’t work for me and this single feature is giving me a lot of trouble.

Please, take a good look at this decision and I hope you can see through different eyes.


Gurock doesn’t seem to understand the impact of this imposed functionality.

We have junior and hired testers for test execution and medior / senior testers closely evaluate and adjust the test results

We hired a tester to go through all our 750 testcases in order to have fresh, unbiased feedback on our application en test case quality.

Without being able to change the main status, adding a new or several test results we end up with testers feedback and results are scattered among different test results.

We don’t want auditing of different test results, we simply want to supplement existing test results.


Thank you all for your post. At the present we do not have plans to change this and if you do need to edit test results, you can change the amount of time allowed for testers to do this. We will continue to evaluate this feature however for possible inclusion in a future release of the product.


please add “another vote” for us as well. This is a pain point for us


Thanks for your feedback, vote added!


Hi, has this been fixed yet? We’d need to be able to pause tests during execution and start where we left off.


There has not been a new release of TR in the last 5 days.


Thanks but what I wanted to know was:
Will TestRail allow us to pause tests during execution and start where we left off? Can we go back to a test which has been half executed and complete it without having to add a new result.


Please add “another vote” for me as well. Can’t believe TestRail impose something like this to user. Let us make our own decision rather imposing something this silly. Thanks


Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback! We still have plans to review this, but in the meantime we would just recommend using an ‘In Progress’ status and continuing where you left off when adding a new result (and you can include any context details in the comments of the result in case you need to explain the reason for the multiple results). We don’t have any update on the timeframe/ETA for this just yet. I’ve added your votes and feedback to the feature request.