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Changing test step & expected result during execution



What is my options to be able to change the test step and expected result during the test execution?

The only way I can do it at the moment is to go to the Test Case tab > change the test case > go to Test Run > execute the test.




If you are wanting to change the steps within a test and/or the expected results, you would need to do this by editing the test case itself. Once you save these changes, the changes would be reflected in your test run. Keep in mind, if the test run has been closed out, these changes will not apply to those test within the closed test run.

Let us know if this helps.


Thank you. It will be helpful if there is a feature for this as when you plan, you are unlikely to have access to the system under test.



You are welcome. Keep in mind that you normally would not change your test steps while running a test and many teams would not do this either. Changes would be made prior to starting testing to ensure that the test conforms with whatever testing requirements teams have set for themselves and their tests.