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Changing Test Status


I have heard a lot of people complaining that the test status can not be changed once the test run has been completed. Has there been any movement on this topic and when will this functionality be implemented?


Hello Russell,

Thanks for your post! This is by design as TestRail would preserve the audit trail and many teams have auditing requirements that would not allow statuses to be edited. We would just recommend adding a new result to override the previous result (and TestRail would only use the most recent result for status statistics), and if needed you can also just add a comment to clarify why multiple results were submit (even if e.g. by mistake). Hope this helps!



many teams have auditing requirements that would not allow statuses to be edited.

Many teams have not. I’m a bit dissapointed that regardless of all feedback that was given in that particular thread jones_ru mentioned that requirements of only a part of the userbase are imposed on others.

Moreover, your collegue Tobias contradicted your stratement above (more than a year ago) that this issue actually will be adressed


I would have to agree with Jasper. The thread I was following had a LOT of interest in this functionality. Now it seems I didn’t get my request in before the people who don’t want the functionality, so I missed out. This may cause us to move to another test management software. Very disappointed.


Hi all,

Thanks for your feedback! We still have plans to review this for a future update of TestRail, however we don’t have any timeframes/ETA we can provide on if/when this gets implemented. We take all customer feedback into account when considering feature requests and many teams do have auditing requirements that would require this approach. As Tobias mentioned, we’re happy to review making this more flexible for a future update as well for teams that don’t have this requirement.



It seems to me that the obvious solution is to make this an optional feature than can be toggled on/off only by an admin user, and to make sure any edits are accompanied by some form of audit-log entry for those who need it. I would definitely like to see this feature added ASAP.


Hi there,

We have communicated this to our development team.

Thanks again.


Hi, how is this going for now, is there a review/discussion on this atm, what has been decided?

I don’t understand why this has to be either this or that. Keep not changeable by default and add option to change it on the settings for each status then everyone will be happy and get what they want/need? I have testcases with 50 and more steps that takes weeks to complete. The current solution is not ideal and it is hard to get a complete view of what has been made if there is 30 runs on one testcase? This is the only function I miss in Testrail but it is preventing other parts of the organisation to start using this otherwise perfect tool :frowning:
This means ofcourse that there is no reason for us to increase the subscription size and you missing out on money. And we need to have and support multiple systems/tools.

Anyway please add my vote to add this function.