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Changing project colours on main dashbaord


Is it possible to assign a different colour to each project on the main dashboard view? By default they all have the same blue square next to the project name, and the activity graph shows each as a different shade of blue. The ability to change the colours on the graph would be especially useful.

Many thanks

Dashboard project image thumbnails

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your posting! That’s currently not possible unfortunately, but we would like to look into making this customizable in the future (e.g. by choosing the color on the project add/edit form). We already had this on our feature request list and I’m happy to add another vote to our feature request list.



That’d be great, thanks for the reply Tobias!


You are welcome, Chris, and thanks again for your feedback!



In addition to change the color, it would be nice to have the ability to add an image (thumbnail) for the project. I have had project leads requesting this feature.


Thanks for your feedback, Márcio!



Can I bump this request for both color and image upload


Hi Kenneth,

Thank you for your post. I have added your votes for these features.


A vote for adding a project Image, would be nice.


It’s been a few years and it doesn’t look like this has been added yet. Why would you go with different shades of the same color? Maybe use a few different colors and then the ability to select a color wouldn’t be so critical.


I would so love to be able to pick my own colors… The current all-blue thing makes the graph basically unusable



Has this been actioned yet? Having the ability to change the dashboard colour for each project and potentially add a thumbnail / icon would really be helpful and make this more useable.



Please do this :slight_smile: