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Changing display font in the console?


Is it possible to have the console use a fixed width font? I’m currently trying to log some tabular data and the default font does not work very well. Works even worst because tab chars in the format string are ignored too…

I’ve browsed around in the console, help, faq and in here but could not find a reference to this kind of option…


This is an otherwise excelent program, btw! :slight_smile:


Hello Fernando,

Using a fixed font in the views of the Console is currently not possible. But this option has already been implemented and will be available in SmartInspect 2.0. Starting with SmartInspect 2.0 you can select a fixed font, its size and which areas of the Console should use this font (views, viewer, the various toolboxes etc.).

But since you mentioned a tabular layout of your data, maybe the table viewer would be an option. You could use the TableViewerContext class (TSiTableViewerContext in Delphi) of the SmartInspect libraries to format your custom data and then log this data with the LogCustomContext method. This way your data would be displayed in the table viewer instead of the views.


Great news and thanks for the tip: will give it a try!

BTW: When posting these 3 msgs, the Captcha code was allways the same! I know because Firefox sugests it when I start typing… :slight_smile:


It’s always the same captcha :), but nonetheless it works fine. After adding the captcha code the annoying bot spam has completely stopped.


Well, I tried your suggestion and it does work. I do however have some suggestions to improve it:

  1. Allow for saving column width changes so when I click back on that line I get the table widths I changed to;

  2. Even better, allow for a way to specify those column widths when logging…

  3. Use alternating row backgrounds to make following entries easier; (light gray / white);

  4. I used the AppendLine which, obviously, does not know a zit about the formats so my numeric data ended up left-justified. I believe (but didn’t test) that using the individual log methods would probably fix that. However, using those is a bit more painful than simply using a Format()… Maybe a way to specify, when creating the header, what type of data that column will hold would help a bit…



Thanks for the suggestions, we will consider it for a future release, but I’m not sure if they will make it into the 2.0 release. By the way, it’s currently not possible to make numbers/columns right-justified, even if you used a method like AddRowEntry.