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Changing Configuration Settings should not delete Test Results


I can see the pros, but more cons for deleting the test results when changes were made to the configuration of the run.

Currently, if you edit a test plan and alter the configuration of any of the runs, this will wipe out the test results for that run. I understand, or can guess as to why this is implemented this way, but with no warnings or “Are you sure?” confirmation, this has proved disastrous for me only one time (I learned my lesson permanently)! I have always wanted to write this up, and fear it is probably a duplicate.


Hello Tom

Thanks for your posting. There’s a confirmation dialog when you save the test plan that shows the new, deleted and updated test runs and this would also include test runs with changed configurations. Please note that test runs wouldn’t be removed if you just rename the configuration or configuration group and only if you remove the configuration from the selection. TestRail does this because the test results of the previous configuration context wouldn’t apply to a new/different test run (because they ran in a different context, e.g. testing against Firefox vs. IE10).

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Thanks Tobias…naively, I did not consider renaming a configuration entry which would accomplish the no deletion of run results. The confirmation dialog after changing configuration did not “pop” out to me that runs were going to be deleted but still — user error on my part this first and only time that I did this. Thanks for the info and time responding. – Tom


You are welcome, Tom, and we will make sure to look into making this more clear on the confirmation dialog.