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Changes to Defect window, when using hosted server version of testrail


Hi Guys

The team I’m working with are evaluating test rail, and were wondering what would happen with the following :-

Say that we are using Jira as our Bug management tool, and have custom field(s) in which we would like to see when we are creating a Bug. If we have the hosted server version of testrail, how would it be possible for us to make the changes, as stated in the help document which would allow us to add these custom fields to the Defect window, since we do not have direct access to the hosted server.

Thanks for helping




Hello Chris,

Thanks for your posting. We do allow custom integration scripts for hosted account on our servers. You would basically need to implement and test the changes with a local installation of TestRail. We would then add the customized script to your TestRail account on our infrastructure (after reviewing the plugin for performance and security issues). Your local TestRail installation could be installed on a virtual machine or spare server, for example, and we can issue a testing license for this. We can also apply new versions to your account when you make changes to your local plugin, if needed.

I hope this helps,