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Change view syncronized via right-click


Right now to move to use synchronize,
one must either go:
navigate->synchronize, select view via mouse
hit ctrl-Y, select view via mouse

would be super nice
if the right click menu had
synchronize: goto view->(viewa,viewb,etc)

(or maybe just a sync: viewa, sync: viewb
item for each view directly in the right click pop-up)

Also, it would be nice if the
synchronize dialog matched keystrokes to view names.

Love the product so far!



Good suggestions, thanks a lot. I added them to the feature request list.

You can also select a view with the keyboard. It’s a lot quicker than using the mouse. Just hit ctrl+y, go down/up to the view in question and press enter.

Thanks :smiley:

Have a nice weekend!