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Change TestRail URL in Jira Description field for attachments


Hello everyone.
I spend a lot of time by searching and looking into documentation, so hopefully this is not duplicate.

I was able to integrate with Jira Server. I’m able to push defects to Jira, using parameter %cases:custom_steps_separated% in template.

Problem is, Jira shows links to attachments within testcase, in format
"Steps to repro:

  1. Click the button to the right
    Expected Result:
    dialog appears."

I need to change that IP address to different URL. How to do it? I wasn’t able to find a way.

Thanks a lot for help.


One thing to add: Administration>Site Settings> Application> Web Address is set to desired URL, it’s the “http://xxx.yyy.zzz.1” in Jira that needs to get updated. In Template I use another parameter %tests:details%, that shows the same URL as in Web Address.


Hi Pe,

Thank you for the post. TestRail would do what you are seeing; it would use the web address that is prefilled in your system settings when filling in the URL. I would like to see a screenshot of what you are describing. If you wouldn’t mind opening a support request by sending an email to along with the screenshot, that would help. You can specifically ask for me as well.


We solved out by looking old IP address and update to the same Web Address in Administration manually in DB Dirty trick. Wild guess: old IP was stored in some locations in TestRail and after move it was not updated everywhere. Consider solved.


Hi Pe,

Thank you for the update. I am glad you were able to get this working. Keep in mind, we do not recommend nor do we support making direct changes to the TestRail database as this can cause unforeseen issues.