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Change Test Run to a new Test Run / Add Milestone to a subset of tests



A change of scope was delivered and I need some help regarding if it is possible/doable to change the scructure of my project’s test runs:

The current test run structure is the following:

- Drop 4B (these are all associated to Drop 4B Milestone)
  - **WA#03 - Wave 2 - Post-Paid**
  - CR142 and CR197
  - CR170
  - WA#05 - Portal

(these are all associated to Drop 4A Wave 2 Milestone and are not aggregated on a test run)
      - Drop 4A Wave 2 - WA#03 Redesigned CIT
      - Drop 4A Wave 2 - WA#03 Redesigned SIT
      - ...

What I need to do is to change the sub test run that is marked at bold (WA#03 - Wave 2 - Post-Paid) to Drop 4A Wave 2 Milestone, and removing it from Drop 4B. But I cannot loose all the test history and test evidences.

Or, is it possible to apply, to a subsection of test cases, a submilestone? This way I can export the test cases to produce my daily report, and the problem is solved :slight_smile:

Thank in advance, guys!

Best Regards.


Hi Rita,

Thanks for your post! Are all of these standalone test runs linked to milestones, or is e.g. WA#03 - Wave 2 - Post-Paid part of a test plan (Drop 4B)? It’s difficult to see with the structure you’ve included here, but if the test runs are standalone, you can always update the milestone for a test run by editing the run and updating the Milestone field. This would still preserve all the results/test history for the run and just bring them over to the new milestone in regards to reports/statistics. Hope this helps!



Hello @mgarcia,

Firstly, thanks for your answer! :slight_smile:

Yes, “WA#03 - Wave 2 - Post-Paid” was originally from Drop 4B, but now should belong to Drop 4A Wave 2.

I tried what both you and I said (selecting the test cases´from the Test Suite, bulk edit “Milestone” field, and associating the tests to “Drop 4A Wave 2” milestone, and search by the milestones instead by test run), but they do not appear there. :frowning:




Hi Rita,

Thanks for your reply! Apologies as I wasn’t very clear in my previous response. I meant that you could update the test run directly under the Test Runs & Results tab (not the Test Suites & Cases tab). You can just click the Edit link underneath the test run title (or hover over the test run and click the pencil icon to edit it if you are using a condensed view mode). The test run has its own milestone field that you would be able to update here to the new milestone. That said, this wouldn’t work for an individual test run within a test plan as the milestone is set on the overall test plan level (and you wouldn’t be able to move a test run into or out of a test plan). Hope this helps to clarify my response!