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Change test case assignment at ANY LEVEL

With the API I want to be able to programmatically find any Run (including those in Plan entries from using configs) or any test case and CHANGE THE DARN ASSIGNMENT.

This question is more than 4 years old as I asked it in 2016. What I got then, and what I have seen from a number of Gurock replies is obtuse. Almost like they refuse to answer that it can’t be done so they answer a question that was not asked. Or ignore it.

After this many years why has Gurock not fixed the API to allow assignments to be done at any level?

At this point only update_plan_entry can be used to change the assignment. BUT, since the Plan already exists AND has entries of Runs NONE of the actual assignments are changed.

For that to happen one must go into the GUI and ON EVERY RUN WITHIN EVERY ENTRY WITHIN EVERY PLAN and manually change to ‘As above’

Gurock when your product is used in a real world context the GUI is TOO SLOW for doing hundreds or thousands of changes.

FIX THE API! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::angry::tired_face::weary::confounded::scream::sob::hot_face:

(before replying I again researched for other questions and reviewed again the API doc and again could not find a solution. But if I am wrong I will be happy to eat crow. So Gurock get a little pride and find a way to make me eat crow)

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the post! I also replied on your post here.

Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback for us.