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Change request: Please change hotkey Ctrl+Alt+C то another key


When SmartInspect integrated in RAD Studio. It use [Ctrl+Alt+C] hotkey for menu item “Instrument Current Method”.

Hotkey [Ctrl+Alt+C] also used by RAD Studio for menu item “View - Debug windows - CPU Windows - Entre CPU”. I need CPU Window for use it every day.

Please change “Instruent Current Method” то another hotkey.
Or tell me please how disable all hotkey for SmartInspect.


Hello Michael,

Thanks for reporting this. Shortcuts can’t be disabled currently but we will make sure to choose a different key combination in the next SmartInspect version. It’s likely that we will publish the source code of our Delphi IDE plugin on in the future, so you may be able to use a modified version even before the next SmartInspect version comes out.