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Change Report column width


I am not able to change the text in the Column Width box on the Test Tab of the Report setup screen. Does anyone know how to fix this?


I hope to generate a report at the end of the sprint that lists all the testcases, whether they passed or failed, and all the Defects associated with failed test cases.

I have created a Milestone Summary Report.
In Milestone & Details, I disabled Activity (results over time) and Progress and remaining estimate/forecast as they are not relevant to my work.
In Tests, I added Defects and Defects All

I generated my report, and while all the details are showing, it is not possible to see the full list of Defects and Defects all. The text is truncated because the column width is too low.

I have tried to update the column width in the Tests Tab of the Report Setup, but I cannot edit the text in the text box. Has anyone experienced or resolved this issue, or have any advice?

Thanks so much!