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Change order of plan entries using the API


We are using the API to push up automated test results to a test plan in TestRail. We would like to organize the plan entries so that entries are organized in alphabetical order. Is there anyway to change the order of the entries using the API? Or is there a non-API single step way to alphabetize all of the entries?

One of the reasons we are trying to alphabetize the entries is because configurations are not supported in the API and we are trying to emulate configurations by naming the entries in the following manner “<suite_name> ()”. So to keep the emulated configurations for a give suite name together, we need to alphabetize the entries.

We could organize the entries prior to pushing them up to TestRail, and maybe that is what we will end up doing, but our current work flow is to submit entries/results for a given plan at different points in our test cycle.


Hello Kurte,

Thanks for your posting. This is not supported via the API but you can change the order in the UI when you edit the test plan:

(please see the arrows on the right)

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!